Onboarding Procedures

General Setup

It used to be that all you needed on your first day on the job was a pad of paper and a couple of pencils. Things have changed. At Narrative we use a variety of systems, products, tools, and platforms to make it easier for us to be a great company. The toolset you use day to day may vary by your job function, but a list of tools is located here.

Developer Setup

Developer setup is, unsurprisingly, a bit more involved than what’s needed for the rest of the company. The Dev Onboarding section contains the current (i.e., WIP) commonly used tools and practices.


If there are any tools that you need to do your job that are not listed, please contact the Helpdesk (helpdesk@narrative.io).


When an employee departs from Narrative, we have to essentially reverse onboarding and decommission all associated resources and credentials. This page describes that cleanup process.